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Regardless of your business's size, we can come up with the best solution that surely suits your needs & model. 

Enhancing Business & Productivity With Apps

Let us give some ideas on how Apps can actually help..


Publish your own brand App in the Apple Store & Google Play Store will help to boost the brand name & presence in the global market.


Data privacy should be the top priority when it comes to dealing with customers information. Ownership helps to reduce risks & makes data more secure.


Have a complete control & ability to prioritize features that are important as per your requirements dynamically.


Be part of & stand out in the digital transformation era where digital presence is essential to compete with others.

App Categories

Below are the most requested App categories..



Suitable for online shops, restaurants, service providers & even personal shoppers.



Content providers feeding educational information in the form of videos, mini games, fact sheets & many more.



Day to day & useful on-the-go type of Apps such as for healthy living (exercise monitoring & tracking), shopping & workout tracking.



Resources for entertainment including live blogs, video feed or blogs, music & games as well.



Miscellaneous Apps that act as a tool in everyday life or to simplify works such as transportations booking, billing, etc. Best for service providers to engage directly with customers.

Latest App available..

"Masjid Kita" is a community driven digital platform suitable for all 'kariah masjid' in Malaysia.

Masjid Kita

Features Option



Direct communications with users via live chat, messenger within App.

Data Management

Data storage & management facilities i.e. add, edit, update within App.


Send & manage push notifications to users within App.

User Management

User database management i.e. add, edit, update within App.


Digital ID issuer in forms of digital ticket, membership card, etc.


Communications or data exchange with other system, API queries, etc.


Produce reports in formats as required, i.e. print, email, PDF, notifications, etc.


Provides safe & secure connection as well as data protection within App.

Online Payment

Integrate your App with major online payment vendor, i.e. PayPal, Visa Checkout, FPX, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can opt for fully customized App with lump sum cost that will depends on the selected features OR a subscription based cost that wil incure monthly with a one time setup fee.

We will charge a lump sum cost for design, development, production & warranty (1 year from production date). Once warranty is over, if it is a data base App which requires server maintenance & storage, minimal monthly fee will be charged. Otherwise, there will be no more fees to be paid.

There will be a minimal setup fee charged based on the App features selected. Once App is online in the Store, monthly fee will be charged (note that this will be higher than the monthly management fee charged under lump sum cost after the warranty). Warranty will be as long as subscription is active. Minimum subscription shall be for 6 month.

It covers all bug fixes, major OS updates that requires Apps to be revised & online support.

There will just be a small fraction of difference if one opted for just single OS App (either Android or iOS Apple App).

This depends on the features required, the App navigational flow requirements & the testing phase with client as well as the App Store & Google Store approval period. Standard App will take around 30-45 days into production.

We don't normally limit the number of views or pages in the App per cost, etc. However, we will advise on optimizations as per our experience & more importantly to comply to guidelines from both Apple Store & Google Play Store.

As an exerienced developers, we know what are the restrictions in the Store. We shall not proceed if the App is against the Store rules & requirements.

As long as it does not breach any copyrights, this should be OK as duplication means App with similar functions & features only, but not having any copyrighted contents.

App name is available on first come first serve basis & we cannot guarantee the availability from both the Stores. Give us the name & we shall check prior. Note that any copyrighted name shall not be used.

Yes there will be, we have even produced & provided FREE apps to some for charity purposes.

Yes for sure. In addition to getting income from product sales, you can also generate income from the advertisements embedded within the App, such as Google Admob & Facebook.

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